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Squid Game Player Tracksuit!


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Squid Game Doll Costume front back


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Squid Game Front Man Mask


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Squid Game Player Unisex Hoodie


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Squid Game inspired Costumes

Squid Game is a very popular and most watched series on Netflix. It is full of deadly twists and intense violence. Characters are tortured and killed for the brutal satisfaction of a game. Beside all of this, this series is still loved by millions of people all over the globe. One of the most attractive things in this series is the costumes worn by characters of the series. The unconventional costumes are just as ridiculous and they are the greatest option to wear on Halloween. They include

Squid game guard costumes

The costume of squid game guard consists of red hooded jumpsuits that zip up the forepart. They also wear black belts which are provided with costumes. Additionally they also wear terrifying black face masks with a triangle, circle or square on the front. Along with this they carry large weapons with them. This could be the most unique outfit to wear at Halloween etc.

Squid game tracksuits

This costume is the most essential costume for all the participants of the deadly children game. It contains white T-shirts which you have to wear under green track suits with white trim. Also three-digit white numbers (between 001 and 456) are printed on the backs of the tracksuits and also on the left side of the front of the jackets and also on their shirts. Choose the numbers according to your favourite character. Suppose Seong Gi-hun’s player number was 456 and it was also written on his outfit. If he is your favourite, choose 456.

Squid game doll costumes

The most incredible look in the Squid game is that of the big robot schoolgirl who looks like a doll, and runs the Red Light, Green Light game. The outfit contains a yellow shirt, and on it, an orange dress as outerwear. You can complete the look by wearing knee-high socks and put your hair in short ponytails or you can also wear a wig.

Squid game boss costumes

The Front Man in the series is actually the boss of the guards. His costume is one the coolest and most amazing costumes of all time. He wears an unfamiliar black mask with sharp angles, along with a long black hooded coat and gloves. Along with this he also wore black pants and boots. The whole costume would help you to win all the viewer’s attention especially at Halloween.