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Squid Game Boss Costume – Ready to Lead!

Here’s your chance to be the boss with this exclusive squid game front man costumes. This enigmatic dress is certainly one of the best imitations of the original boss dress in the series. You can now get this exclusive black or golden squid game front man costume with the 3D mask to add oomph to your style.

Who is Squid Game Front Man?

The front man is the squid game’s enigmatic leader who commands the entire operations of the game and tracks things as they unravel. He has been shown as a bossy, honcho character who doesn’t shy away from cruelty.

The identity of the front man remains one of the top mysteries of the squid game. As the boss of the shady organization, he had a very distinctive appearance from all other workers. His exclusive black suit and prism mask make him a dominating and imposing figure in the series. Interestingly, he was revealed as “In-ho” - Jun-ho’s missing brother who was a winner of the previous game. Nonetheless, there isn’t any explanation of how in-ho went on from a winning participant to the leader – Front Man. At Squid game maker, we are offering the most exclusive collection of front man costumes, including Squid Game Player Tracksuit, Halloween Costumes and front man masks.